Denmark's most fun rides in North Jutland

If you love speed, excitement, play, fun and nonsense, then take the whole family along to Fårup Sommerland and try all their rides. In North Jutland's No. 1 amusement park you will find plenty of fun experiences for both adults and children.

Once you've paid your entrance fee, you can unleash yourself on all our rides.


News in 2018 - Golf Island

In the 2018 season, Fårup will be opening a brand new adventure mini golf course with 12 holes. The golf course will have its very own island and is intended for both children and adults with various degrees of difficulty so the whole family can play - regardless of age and experience. 

Waterworld for wild water lovers - and for the little ones

We have a huge waterworld for water lovers of all ages and in our waterworld you can try to ride the roaring wave, water cannons and water slides, for adults and children. For the tiny ones we can offer plenty of fun and splashes in a secure and safe children's waterworld. Our waterworld is Denmark’s biggest heated Aqua Park - and as something entirely new, the water in the Wave Pool is now heated to 27 degrees.


Breathless roller coaster above and below the water

If you love action, speed and excitement, then there is full speed ahead when you get comfortable in one of our many roller coasters. For example, try Northern Europe's only roller coaster The Hurricane (Orkanen), that runs both above and below the water or Whirlwind (Hvirvelvinden) where you are tossed up and down from a 19-metre height while rotating. Also try one of Denmark's wildest roller coasters, Lightening (Lynet), where you will experience a breathless ride that goes up and down very fast!


Get ready for loud screeches and plenty of air whooshing through your hair when you take a ride on one of our many wild roller coasters.

If you are a dare-devil who loves to spin around, then there is plenty of spinning and whirling rides where tickles in your stomach are guaranteed.